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About us
Peju's Kitchen Peju's Kitchen Peju's Kitchen
Location & Hours

1724 Woodlawn Drive, Baltimore, MD 21207


Mon – Sat: 11am – 8pm

Sun: Closed


Our History

Welcome to Peju’s Restaurant & Lounge, formerly known as Peju’s Kitchen, the prime West African and Caribbean restaurant in the Baltimore, Washington metro area. Taking you back to west Africa with a modern day twist to it.


Peju’s Restaurant & Lounge opened its doors to the public on August 23, 2002 in a local shopping center in the heart of Woodlawn, with a staff of only 3 people. Peju’s Restaurant & Lounge is a family restaurant rooted in Baltimore County. The proud owners of Peju’s Restaurant & Lounge are the Fadiora family. Peju’s Restaurant & Lounge was named after their youngest of five children and is managed collaboratively by all members of the family.


Peju’s serves mainly West African/Nigerian cuisine, with a few select Caribbean and American choices to round out the menu. Peju’s Restaurant & Lounge was a new and interesting addition to the Woodlawn Area and has grown in popularity since it opened it doors. Word quickly spread about the “Kitchen” as most of its customers nicknamed, and traffic picked up quickly. Since the beginning of business, Peju’s Restaurant & Lounge has received nothing but great reviews from their regular & new customers, including the Baltimore Sun which gave this close knit, cozy restaurant a rave review. Since its opening in 2002, Peju’s Restaurant & Lounge has become a favorite restaurant and lounge for great and delicious West African food; and a great atmosphere to come and relax with friends.


Within the first 2 years of opening Peju’s Restaurant & Lounge became a popular spot for many people looking to dine on West African food and the owners had to build additional space and add more members to the staff. Four years later, they’ve now managed to expand again to build upon the Kitchen to create a first class restaurant and lounge. The new Peju’s Restaurant & Lounge opening up in February of 2007 is a modern touch to West African Dinning, with its new ambience that’s worth every minute of your dining experience. With the expansion, comes a new and improved menu as well as larger lounge area that can be rented to accommodate private events.


Peju’s in the News


December 21 2011, Baltimore City Paper.